A867 Tyre

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Tyre Brand: APlus

Tyre Name: A867

Tyre Details

Main zigzag grooves combined with lateral blocks provide excelent ride stability and great traction on all kinds of road conditions. Unremitting tread patterns on shoulder and solid shoulder ribs provide responsive handling and even wear. Versatile pitch patterns and milti-knife-cut tread pattern reduce vibration to offer the comfort and quiet ride. Strengthen structure and special abrasion resistant tread compound deliver extra puncture resistance and load bearing capability with more milage.

Performance Category: Light Truck

Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
145R12C 85/83QC85/83Q Call for price
155R12C 88/86QC88/86Q Call for price
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
155R13C 85/83QC85/83Q Call for price
155R13C 90/88QC90/88Q Call for price
165R13C 91/89RC91/89R Call for price
165/70R13C 88/86SC88/86S Call for price
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
165/70R14C 89/87RC89/87R Call for price
175R14C 99/98RC99/98R Call for price
175/65R14C 90/88TC90/88T Call for price
175/70R14C 95/93SC95/93S Call for price
185R14C 102/100RC102/100R $78
195R14C 106/104RC106/104R $86.01
205R14C 109/107RC109/107R Call for price
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
195R15C 106/104RC106/104R Call for price
195/70R15C 104/102RC104/102R Call for price
205/70R15C 106/104RC106/104R Call for price
215/65R15C 104/102RC104/102R Call for price
215/70R15C 109/107RC109/107R Call for price
225/70R15C 112/110RC112/110R $125
SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
175/75R16C 101/99RC101/99R Call for price
185/75R16C 104/102RC104/102R Call for price
195/65R16C 104/102RC104/102R Call for price
195/75R16C 107/105RC107/105R Call for price
205/65R16C 107/105TC107/105T Call for price
205/75R16C 110/108RC110/108R Call for price
215/65R16C 109/107TC109/107T Call for price
215/75R16C 113/111RC113/111R Call for price
225/65R16C 112/110TC112/110T Call for price
235/65R16C 115/113RC115/113R Call for price